I help people and companies unlock their true potential, consistently increase their sales and profits and build powerful brands that naturally attract the right clients and opportunities.   

About Pavlina Papalouka
Personal Development, Business & Personal Branding Coach, Consultant and Speaker 

I am an Entrepreneur founder of AwakenSpace Education, a seminars and education company specialising in helping people reach their true potential and build successful businesses around their passion and a speaker, consultant and coach in Personal Development, Business and Personal Branding. 

I have cooperated with, appeared on stage and organised live seminars and online events with some of the world’s leading authorities in personal development and entrepreneurship, including Dr John Demartini, Bob Proctor, John Lee of Wealth Dragons, Bill Walsh and many more. 

Before launching my seminars and education company in 2011, I worked as Public Relations Manager of 2 national TV channels in Cyprus and Greece, run my own PR and Events Agency for 8 years and tought Public Relations and Media at Cyprus College for 3 years. My background and experiene in Public Relations, Media and Marketing gave me a strong base as the internet progressed to specialise in Online Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding, something which I am passionate about and always study the latest trends. 

I have also specialized in personal development through taking courses with some of the top global teachers in Personal Growth in the world today, as I have found that the most important part of any success you create in life starts from the inside, from what goes on in your mind. You can have the best skills in the world and not progress because of your programmed beliefs and behaviors. 

My passion is to help people overcome their limitations, unlock their true potential, build profitable businesses and powerful brands around their passion and create the lifestyle that they desire. 

Personal Coaching/Consulting: 

On the personal business and personal development coaching, I work mainly with Entrepreneurs and also with people making a transition to Entrepreneurship and top level Managers and CEO's.

I am able to take only a few people each year and I work with them for a minimum of 4-5 months/9 Sessions, as consistency in coaching is key to achieving long term results. The investment is 2000 Euro for the basic coaching & consulting package. 

If you would are interested for coaching with me, please click on the application button, fill in the info and if I feel I can help you, I will contact you for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are a good match to work together! 

Corporate Coaching/Consulting:

I create custom made coaching programs and consulting plans for companies, helping the managers and teams with goals, vision and direction and with marketing and branding.

If you are interested to have me coach and consult your team to achieve their goals, clarify their vision and increase their motivation, productivity and results, please fill in the Application form and I will get in touch with you. 

Speaking at Events & Custom Trainings: 

If you are interested in booking me as a speaker for your event, or for a customized training session for your company, feel free to send a request with brief description of your event and needs at


What I can help you with:

  • Get clear on your passion, purpose and unique skills and bring out the best version of you. 
  • Determine your vision and have clearly outlined specific and measurable short and long term goals with a plan of action.  
  • Determine your limitations and what is keeping you stuck and how to overcome and 're-program' your limitations so that you can create new breakthroughs in your business and life. 
  • Get clear the best business model that suits the business you are in (or the new business you choose to develop), in order to succeed and grow in today's economy. 
  • Determine your ideal client profile and what you should really be focusing on, so that you eliminate distractions and target the right people. 
  • Clarify your Brand and what activities you should be doing consistently to build a personal and business brand that naturally attracts the right people to you. 
  • Online Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations strategies and plan of action, to increase leads and sales, online and offline. 
  • Learn to connect and build lasting relationships with the right people so that you always have a constant flow of the right kind of clients. 
  • How to build your business online to drive online leads and sales. 
  • How to design a successful business around your passion and unique skills.
  • How to Systemise your business so that you free up your time and focus on what is important, delegating the rest. 

What People are saying about Pavlina

    Holistic Insurance & Financial Archidect 

    'Pavlina is an excellent coach. Its my pleasure cooperating with her. She has passion and enthusiasm of what she is doing and she transfers these qualities to you.
    She will inspire and motivate you to achieve your full potential and open for you new avenues for your professional life.I strongly recommend her of being your personal coach because she offers an added value to your visions and goals'.
    Personal Counsellor, Therapist and Coach

    'Pavlina’s Coaching was a truly transformational experience! Pavlina is a very inspiring person and I really enjoyed working with her. She helped me discover my unique skills and build a personal brand that suits my personality and passion. When I first met her I didn’t know what to do with all my qualifications, skills and experience. As a coach, she helped me to put everything together and stand out in the competitive UK market. Now I feel that I can do everything, and become the person that I have always wanted to be in life and business. Thanks to Pavlina I now know how. I am forever grateful! 

    Dietician - Nutritionist &
    Healthy Living Motivator

    'Having the opportunity to work with Pavlina was a key moment in my life, both personally and professionally. She helped me identify what my unique skills are and redefine the way I see myself, my business and all the ways I can make a difference in my profession. She 
    pushed me to all the right directions and helped me bring out a side of me that was hidden. Once I realized, understood and discovered what my unique brand is, I was able to communicate my purpose more clearly, attract my ideal clients and help them in an even more substantial way. I am grateful for getting to know her and can't wait to work with her again to evolve myself even more.'
  • JOHN Lee
    Founder & CEO of The Wealth Dragons & Best-Selling Author

    'If you get a chance to work with Pavlina, you must! She is an expert when it comes to Personal Branding.'


I am only able to work with very few people and companies every year and we go through a process to determine if we are a good match to work together.  If you are interested in working with me, please fill in one of the forms below, depending on what you are interested in and I will get in touch with you.